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Dino Soteriou

As a Salford based visual practitioner my research interest’s centre on the production of creative image making methods associated to local environments. Lost and forgotten spaces often reinterpreted encompass my working process, links between people, spaces and buildings are a visual drive for the ongoing research. Redundant objects, forgotten energies and new possibilities arise from the work.

Process led investigation exploring print processes and varying fabric qualities are integral to development, creating work which is underpinned by technical print tradition yet embracing contemporary design and new technologies. Harnessing the North West’s close and historic relationship with the textile industries creatively feed the work, communicating a visual language which often simultaneously embraces the past and the present.   

Pattern, composition and colour feature heavily within my research investigating a creative language that challenges perceptions of imagery and creates new hybrid motifs.

Areas of expertise include drawing, photography, collage, image manipulation, digital printing, screen printing, fibre and dye experimentation.

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