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Katie McGuire

I am a sculptor working within the area of fibre/textiles. I experiment with traditional techniques of weaving, crocheting and knitting by using non-traditional contemporary material: Polystyrene Backer Rod, an industrial material used for insulation.  


My work is centred around ideas, thoughts and sensory reactions to notions of restriction and boundaries. I take an interest in the ways in which form, weight and tension, breaking points and boundaries can be explored through manipulation of my chosen materials. I choose to investigate, through the use of handmade sculpture, the points at which the materials can be restricted or pass through a physical boundary either created by myself or the environment which I am working within. The woven, pliable material organically alters and shifts, allowing my sculptures to remodel over time, a process that reacts to the physical positioning of the work and that suggests their determination of their own final outcome. 


I have chosen to introduce the element of wooden frames and found objects within several of my works, exploring the contrast between solid and malleable, contrasting organic sculptures against rigid frame work. These pieces experiment with the soft breaking through the hard containment of the wood, an opposing concept linking to explorations of weight, tension and boundaries. 

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