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Erum Aamir

“POLLINIS” series


Being a physicist and now a ceramicist, Erum has always wanted to smudge the division between art and science. Erum is fascinated by how nature constructs something atom by atom or cell by cell and how the patterns that lay regularly deep down in matter and living organisms create irregular forms and shapes. She is especially inspired by the details which are hidden from the naked eye, and explores these details through the eye of a microscope. Her research into this field has helped her to establish that nature is as beautiful inside as it is on the outside. 


These hand-built porcelain sculptures are inspired by the microscopic study of pollen grains. Pollens are extremely important for the existence of a plant and are impeccable masterpieces of natural architecture and structural engineering. They are a perfect vessel-like shape to experiment on with clays. Sometimes the compositions found in Erum’s imaginative interpretations bypass what is found in nature. This blurred line between reality and created reality intrigues her practice.

Instagram: @erumaamir.ceramics

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