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Rebekah Beasley

I am a multidisciplinary artist. My work draws heavily upon conflicting themes: the feminine and the masculine; art and craft; the anima and the animus; the white cube gallery and the domestic sphere of the home.


Certain skill sets and processes have become codified as feminine: crochet, knitting and embroidery.  By contrast, the industrial pneumatic tufting-gun for rug making appears intrinsically masculine.  The tufting gun uses an air compressor to forcefully push fibres through a tough fabric. It is heavy, noisy and industrial; yet what it produces is soft and domestic. 


Gender and queerness is an overarching theme within my work.  As a proudly gay cis woman I have embraced the stereotypes and connotations associated with these social groups and my practice address these issues.


I have purposefully chosen the process and the materials to provoke questions: Is it art? Is it craft? What is it? Where does this belong?

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