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Hannah Elisabeth Jones

2017 MMU Solo Exhibition Award Winner

Hannah Elisabeth Jones graduated from Manchester School of Art, Manchester Metropolitan University with First Class Honours, BA Textiles in Practice. She is the inventor of a new, flexible material called 'BioMarble' (patent pending). BioMarble has a unique and intriguing surface pattern, but most importantly it is made from waste paper, combined with other biodegradable ingredients. 

Throughout the past year, Jones has been developing BioMarble to perfect it's durability, visual aesthetic and quality of colour. Geometric units are cut from a palette of different material colours, then stitched together in an ombré formation, using traditional patchwork techniques to form 3-Dimensional tessellations.

So far, BioMarble has won numerous awards and commissions, and has been exhibited at MoOD Brussels (2017), London Design Fair (2017), The Surface and Materials Show (2017), The Northern Design Festival (2017), Somerset House (2017) and the Surface and Design Show (2018).

Upcoming exhibitions and projects for BioMarble include Material ConneXion, New York Materials Library (2018) and the Baltic Museum, Great Exhibition of the North (2018).


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