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Jacob Chan


Jacob Chan, age 20, is currently studying at Carmarthen School of Art in South Wales specialising in Ceramics and Jewellery design:


"Having worked closely with international ceramicist Emma Rodgers for the past few years, I have learnt how to hand build  figurative forms  by working from the inside of the clay and pushing it out using my fingers to create figurative pieces of work that expresses the quality of movement. However I have recently been working on the pottery wheel "throwing" vases. I have been drawn and influenced by the unique shape and form of the antique Chinese dynasty vases. Adding my own twist of earthy colours and changing the shape slightly has helped me to make my collection of unique vases. I feel that using blacks, whites and earthy tones gives the piece an "old" quality as if it's been left or preserved for many years. Most of my vases are "raku" fired or "soda" fired, both very different techniques to each other used to bring out the different colours and surface textures of each piece of my work."

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