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Louise Iddon

Louise Iddon is a freelance photographer recently graduating from Manchester Metropolitan University in July 2016, where she has studied Photography for the past three years. Louise’s main aim which runs throughout all of her work is to move away from the conventional aspects of photography and photography being seen purely as a form of documentation. Louise’s work uses a mixture of both analogue and digital photography showing her passion and dedication to the subject. Within Louise’s work she often uses the constantly developing architecture featured in and around Manchester as her subject matter. Alongside this she uses various techniques within photography to produce a view of the architecture that would be impossible to see through the eye as a viewer and would be impossible to create without the use of the camera.

Multiple exposures

Louise has created these specific images using the technique of in camera multiple exposure using her Holga 120N film camera. The architecture displayed within the images are from both the cities of Berlin and Manchester.

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