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Lubna Ali

Lubna Alis practice draws upon her Islamic heritage and explores her sense of self as a British Muslim. She uses her knowledge of traditional Islamic geometry and combines with her interest of minimalist art. Her work represents spirituality and sacredness through the repetition of patterns as this brings forward the concept of unity and devoutness in the Islamic culture. Lubnas work is primarily finished in the printing medium; from traditional lino printing to a more contemporary style of screen-printing. 


Lubna Ali completed a BA Hons degree in Visual Arts from the University of Salford in 2017. She has since exhibited at the New Adelphi Gallery, PS Mirabel, and has work in the collection of Torino Graphic Days as part of the international festival in Turin, Italy. She undertook a 6-month residence at The Whitworth Art Gallery where she curated and exhibited in a pop -up exhibition. She is currently working towards a commissioned exhibition for Salford Museum and Art gallery and is working closely with the British council to help facilitate a cultural heritage project in the arts.

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