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Manchester, so much to answer for...

a street photographer's perspective

Ian Dickson

Operating under the guise of Mancunian Photo, Ian aims to bring the sights of Manchester and its surrounding areas to life through photography. With a rough remit of photographing the people and buildings of Manchester (and also where the odd holiday might find him), Ian has built a following on the social media sight, Instagram.
Ian draws his inspiration from the classic street photographers like Henri Cartier-Bresson, aiming to achieve a classic film look to his digital photography.


Matthew Taylor-Henderson

One of Manchester’s most prolific and well respected and most followed street photographer.

Matthew started his street photography career on the streets of Saigon Vietnam and has been teaching street photography for the last 4 years. 

A recent convert to film photography, Matthew tends to set his digital camera aside now in preference for the intimate and hand-on experience of film.

Matthew runs the newly formed street photography workshop from the Leica Store, Police Street, Manchester. 

Ethan Clarke
Brought up in a photography family, Ethan has been crafted his photography skills from a young age.  Still in full time education, Ethan enjoys taking the opportunity to walk the streets of Manchester capturing what everyday life looks like to him. 

Ethan will certainly be one to watch as he develops his skills and style.

Elvis from Hell

He started photographing the streets of Manchester in late 2016, since February this year He has been working on a series documenting my commute to and from the city every day along the city Metrolink network. The series has continued to grow and He is now documenting other cities in Europe and their commuters along side my Manchester work.

Elvis considers the public photograph to be an important social and historical document and he lovesthe buzz, the theatre and chaos of an ever-changing cast of characters, how they look and how they look at each other. The magic of the ephemeral moments that are never to be seen again.


Mark Qualter

A native of Liverpool who works by day in bank strategy and innovation and who currently resides in Lytham St Annes, Mark was an avid and habitual ‘snapper' for many years on his travels.  


It was when he randomly came upon a book about Leon Levinstein that he knew that street photography was for him. Perhaps the biggest highlight so far since then was spending five days last year with Bruce Gilden in his London Masterclass.  Other heroes are Sergio Larrain, Garry Winogrand, Louis Stettner and Daido Moriyama.

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