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Melanie Young

Melanie’s work explores memories both recent and distant, as she covers then reveals a figure often standing in for her. Rediscovering something half-forgotten, moments and memories explored through sanding, scratching and removing part of the painted surface. The process is revealed, the journey is part of the final image.


Her current work creates spaces which are both contemplative and, conversely, uncomfortable. Although Melanie’s practice is based in painting, she is now also finding resonance in installation and performance collaborations for which she has just received major Arts Council funding.


Melanie’s work is a mix of both serious and playful. Universal themes of love, loss, isolation, frustration and hope are explored in a rich and patterned surface Recently her work has journeyed from the familial and domestic to the ritual, she explores a playful narrative to create emotive images, both immediate and primal.


Exhibiting widely in the UK and also in Europe during the 80’s and 90’s Melanie took a break from exhibiting when her children (who both have Tourette syndrome) were younger. She did however continue creating work and this new body of work is something she is keen to show


More work can be seen at the Saatchi Other Art Show Bristol 26th to 29th July 2018.

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