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Pauline Chorlton

Allowing my findings to guide and inspire me. I love experimenting with oil paints, acrylics, watercolours, pencils, inks and textiles. Sometimes working with each one separately, sometimes all together. Currently focusing working with inks on a variety of surfaces. I enjoy the unpredictable free flowing nature when much water is added and when layered one can achieve very dense areas. Not all are successful, but I really enjoy the mistakes as I do the ‘so called’ successes. Currently working on small to medium scale format . I would describe myself as a mixed media artist. I enjoy the solitude when ‘in the moment’ working alone, but also enjoy the enthusiasm and fun when working with creative groups.

Metaphysical cycle of life

Inspired by Nature, the Human form and the Cosmos. Visualising my ideas with notions of the earthly and spiritual journey of life. Believing we are ‘all one and we are all connected’ I am also interested in the ideas of Quantum ‘time travel’  ‘spaces in-between’ and ‘invisible connections’ Elements that are thought to exist but that cannot be seen, that which lay beyond our human experience and consciousness,

Attempting to create an abstract understanding of our transient life through my own visual language.

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